are you a champion or a bully?



How do you treat yourself? How do you talk to yourself? What do you say to your reflection in the mirror?

Now think about how you treat others, your friends, your family? How do you talk to them?

There’s a huge movement out there trying to change the way women treat themselves and I’m on board. As a strong, confident and fiercely independent  woman I will not stand for anyone belittling, bullying or insulting me in any way shape or form…except myself.

I’ve always prided myself on being my biggest cheerleader, but I realized at one point that I was actually being a pretty shitty one.

Last year I decided to start seeing myself through the eyes of those who love me. When I looked in the mirror I imagined what my husband would say about how I looked and I challenged myself to see that picture in my head and hold it in my heart. When I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried something new, I listened for my mom’s voice and turned it into my own choosing to hear congratulations and applause.

I’m not saying this was easy to quiet that bullying side of myself (it can be so freaking loud), but it’s a beautiful new way to see the truth about this amazing woman I see in the mirror every day.

As a loyal, tireless champion of friends and family don’t you think it’s time to add yourself to that list of people that you constantly send love?

Treat yourself as your most cherished loved one and you can’t help but become your most amazing self.


what will 2014 mean to you?

I’m guessing that for the last couple of weeks you’ve read or watched countless articles or videos about preparing for the NEW YEAR…and yet here’s another!

In previous years during  that down time between Christmas and New Years I could be found reading every single article and every video I could find. Experiencing a level of anxiety that increased dangerously with each one, they each told me that this was the time to get things done, this would be the year that EVERYTHING falls into place. That time would be nothing but a frantic whirlwind of frightened and panicked “action”. Continue reading what will 2014 mean to you?